Light Your Way with the Wyer 11.5″ Modern Industrial, Eco-Friendly Wall Sconce / Jar Glass Wall Light

The day I received this sconce, I could not wait to get it installed. I must say that it is an item of beauty and heavy (an indication of how solid its design and structure is). It comes with instructions on how to install and very easy to read and follow. The bonus is the Edison light

bulb, which is making a comeback on the market and easily available at any local retail store for replacement. Assembly was simple; however, I would advise that when putting the glass cover in to lose both sides of the holding receptacle. You might have to bend the area where the retaining bolts go, to get a smooth flush fit. I installed this on my front porch and have since gotten several complements about its vintage look. This is a very high end looking piece at a very affordable price. Construction, quality and value are all winners and very appealing for anyone that is looking to buy a classic, vintage look that is with well within their monetary means.
As with all my reviews, there is no compensation involved. I do this purely out of my belief that if a product is that good, then it will sell itself. I am an advocate for the entrepreneur, the small business owners and the family-oriented businesses. I whole heartedly believe that those products are made from the heart and will endure a lifetime.

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