COZIA Design Ski Goggles – Double Lens Goggles with Spare Night / Anti-fog Lens and Ski balaclava

When I review a product and give an unbiased review there are certain things I look for along with the actual product itself. First, how fast was this product shipped? Shipping was fast considering with Amazon, I have never had an issue with that. How was this product packaged? Extreme care was taken to ensure that the product was delivered in pristine condition. Product dimensions? The unit is 11.2 x 6.2 x 4 inches and weighs 9.6 ounces Entry into the marketplace? There are several other ski/snowboarding goggles available from manufacturers such as Bolle, Oakley, and Nike. However, for the price this baby here can’t be beaten. It’s great for those that are just getting into skiing, snowboarding or other extreme weather-related activities. Price comparison? These goggles are very well made for the price that is being sold at and are comparative to models such as Gomex and Enkeeo. Pros: -They are not going to break your wallet and very affordable for a well-made item. -Works with prescription glasses, while still maintaining comfort and functionality. -Includes Amber lenses which cut out UV rays and make your vision sharper, while protecting your eyesight and reducing glare. -Anti-fog properties that hinder most ski goggles on the market today. -Fashionable and functional -True unobstructed 180° wide angle view -Adjustments can be made easily to fit any head size and interchanging the lenses is literally a snap. -Unisex (one size fits all) Cons: – Like all reflective lens, need to handle with care, try not to scratch it against a hard surface. -They can be used as stand-alone goggles; however, you look like a human fly. Wearing them with a helmet or protective headpiece would easily fix that. -Warranty information wasn’t readily available to the consumer. With a clear 180° wide angle view via a spherical panoramic view lens, these goggles are amazing when it comes to seeing and depth perception. The goggles are also incorporate a dual air flow two-way ventilation system for anti-fogging and anti-glare, providing necessary protection for your eyes. I wear prescription glasses, and these goggles fit with no problem. The goggles when used with a helmet work in sync and provide even more head protection. The lenses themselves incorporate a triple anti-wind, anti-fogging and 100% 400+ UV protection providing the user with the ultimate protection and functionality whether your skiing, snowboarding or even hiking. The included amber lenses are designed for low-light conditions. Cozia has really created a great product that can easily compete with the bigger boys, without draining your bank account. As with all my reviews, there is no compensation involved. I do this purely out of my belief that if a product is that good, then it will sell itself. I am an advocate for the entrepreneur, the small business owners, and the family-oriented businesses.

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