Native Spring Drink Muddler, Stainless Steel Mojito Bar Tool with Nylon Tip

Muddle, Crush, and Pulverize Like a ProYou will love this product, it muddling, crushing and pulverizing your fruits and herbs in your drink with ease.

You will love this product, it muddling, crushing and pulverizing your fruits and herbs in your drink with ease.

When I review a product, there are certain things I look for

First, how fast was this product shipped?  Shipping was very fast and arrived before the holidays.

How was this product packaged?  Extreme care was taken to ensure that the product was delivered in pristine condition.

Product dimensions? The product is 4 ounces and 9 x 2 x 2 inches

Entry into the marketplace?  There are several other products on the market that are like this one

Price comparison? The price point is comparative with other models available, however, I have tried those products and they are not as successful as this one.


-It’s not going to break your wallet and very affordable for a well-made item.

-Works instantly

-Makes pulverizing herbs and fruits for drinks fun and entertaining, both to watch and to operate

-Unisex (one size fits all)



Native Spring has built an excellent muddler for use in the kitchen or at the bar. It reaches the bottom of the glass or bowl without getting your fingers involved. The stainless-steel body is high quality & attractive. It crushes the fruit or berry releasing the juice without ruining it.

This is a nice, well-made product and I think that you will like it too. Some of the things I like are that it is stainless steel so that flavor transfer is not a concern and it is easy to clean. I also appreciate that it has a good weight but it is not overly heavy, making it easy to muddle up whatever fruits or herbs I put in my cocktail. The tip is nylon and easy to clean, sturdy, and well attached. which is nice. The only downside to this product is the nylon rings which tend to roll off.  Aside from that, this is a wonderful drink muddler, it works well and is easy to clean.
Get yours today at: https

Get yours today at: https

As with all my reviews, there is no compensation involved. I do this purely out of my belief that if a product is that good, then it will sell itself. I am an advocate for the entrepreneur, the small business owners and the family-oriented businesses.

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