GREAT Kids Snack Box

GREAT Kids… Discover Healthy Snacks.

Children can build strong minds and healthy bodies when they grab a healthy Snack-A-Day. Sign up for our convenient monthly delivery of the GREAT Kids Snack Box. Your subscription includes:

  • 30 different individually-wrapped snacks
  • Kid-tested tasty nutrition
  • Nutritionist-approved ingredients
  • On-the-go convenient packages
  • Nutrition for mental alertness
  • Healthy energy for physical activity
  • FREE Shipping!
GREAT Kids Snacks

Watch The Excitement Grow As 30 NEW Snacks
Are Discovered In Each Month’s Convenient Delivery.

 GREAT Kids Snack Box is a snack subscription box filled with a variety of individually
wrapped snacks made with organic and natural ingredients and delivered to your door every month. Each box contains enough snacks for your child to try a unique snack once a day for a month! If you find something that works for you and your child, GREAT Kids Snacks even has an option for you to purchase the snacks in bulk directly through their website! This approach takes the guesswork out of shopping for picky eaters and ensures your child gets the nutrition they deserve. The monthly subscription cost is $39.95 per month.
There is soooo many natural snacks in there, this box is truly amazing!!!

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