Tastmate Portable Manual Coffee Grinder | Stainless Steel Slim Coffee Maker with Grinder | Mini Coffee Grinder (Original)



  • This coffee grinder has the most perfect slim body, your hand will be more comfortable, you can hold the body of coffee maker grinder again, the unique design is suitable for different sizes of hand.
  • The Tastmate coffee bean grinder is made of 304 stainless steel, which is meet the ASTM standards in the United States. And there is adjustable design inside, you can rest assured of use and get the grinding effect you want.Pure hand cast! Give you a better grinding time!
  • Without electricity, more environmentally friendly!The advantages of the coffee makers grinders not only a portable size but also the slow grinding speed, it is not easy to heat, you must know that the heat will lose the original taste of the coffee!And we offer a professional cleaning brush for this coffee burr grinder. Don’t need to be upset with cleaning anymore
  • Do you always worry about the poor efficiency of manual coffee grinders? Choose Tastmate, You will never regret! After a number of tests, a girl takes only 3.5 minutes to grind 10g coffee beans with our portable manual coffee mill! We trust that you will more rapid than her!
  • Enjoy the fun of turning the joystick! Put your worries behind and relax your mind, Grind a cup of coffee for yourself!

I love this little item, it makes grinding coffee quick and you can do it anywhere.  Get yours here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MRQN4XT




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