Natural Whitening Teeth & Gum Powder – Improve Mouth Hygiene, Whitens, Desensitizes, Detoxifies- Remove Toxins & Bacteria

  • GET AN ATTRACTIVE, BRIGHT SMILE: This premium teeth whitening powder can eliminate any existing stains, polish and whiten your teeth. What is more, it improves gum health. It is an excellent alternative to ordinary, poor quality tooth powder.
  • FINEST QUALITY BAMBOO CHARCOAL TOOTH POWDER: The Phaii bamboo charcoal tooth powder has special qualifications to provide you with the values of high-quality charcoal powder. It is burnt under the temperature of more than 1,000 degrees Celsius and it is very efficient.
  • ENJOY A PERFECTLY HEALTHY, TOXINS – FREE MOUTH: The Phaii tooth powder contains highly antiseptic properties that fight toxins and bacteria in the mouth. Now you can enjoy perfect oral hygiene and relieve yourself from pain caused by inflammations.
  • HAVE A FRESH, ODOR – FREE BREATH: This amazing charcoal powder eliminates bad breath and helps you feel comfortable when talking to people or when laughing.
  • SAFE TO USE: Forget about teeth whitening products that contain preservatives, foaming agents, additives and artificial colors or flavors. The Phaii bamboo charcoal tooth powder is an herbal formula and perfectly safe for you and your family to use.

This product is fantastic, arrived quickly and well packaged. I can tell a difference after just one brushing. I give this product a  5/5.

Get yours here:

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