Hi – I’m Doug a lifestyle blogger, travel writer, avid product reviewer, social media influencer, affiliate marketing expert and passionate businessman.

I am from the Dallas area currently residing in Central Texas.

I consider myself a true think outside of the box type of soul that’s multi-talented and deeply passionate about life and living every day to its full extent.
This journey started in 2015 after I was medically retired from the military.  Looking for a therapeutic way to help myself regain a lot of what I had lost, I started moving in silence offline, creating projects and selling the proceeds to raise support for other disabled veterans and homeless veterans.  Online I have built a faithful audience through my social media platforms and my shop CustomsforVeterans at Storenvy
Product review is my newest passion and love. As a veteran with disabilities, I make it my business and passion to stay on top of the latest and greatest technology that I feel will benefit the other wounded warriors and make life a little easier to handle daily. No matter the product, I cover it all with a true, unbiased no holds hard review.
My content seldom has a shelf life since I know how to get the product out there, utilizing the latest and greatest SEO technology. My therapeutic hobby has become a foundation and gateway that has allowed me to help others.